5 Funny Google Easter Eggs


So, when you’re sitting down to consider why in the world Google is coloring eggs for the holidays, remember that we aren’t talking about Easter Bunnies, baskets, or egg hunts. Instead, we’re talking about the little goodies that programmers decide to “hide” in various places that you can find while roaming around their virtual creations. Why do they do it? Who knows. I’m sure a sense of humor and boredom come together in a single moment giving us plenty to chuckle about as we roam the vast span of everything Google has to offer.

Steve Irwin in Google Maps

The buildings that you see on Google Earth are usually created through independent artists, and when they are delivering their work, it seems that some of them decided that they didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Take the Sydney Opera House for example. When taking a virtual gander at the Australian landmark, be sure to rotate your view around to the harbor-side of the building. Who’s lurking? Well, it’s none other than Steve Irwin, the loveable “Crocodile Hunter”, doing what he did best…wrestling a croc!

Hope You Can Swim!

Google Maps became an incredibly popular alternative to other websites such as MapQuest. However, it seems that the programmers at Google had some tricks up their sleeves as they sought to offer up some humor to those looking for directions. Want to get from Portugal to Washington, D.C.? No problem. You’ll get detailed directions bringing you to the west coast of Portugal and a quick and easy “swim” spanning over 3000 miles! No one is quite sure if this was a joke, but after quite a few internet-goers got a kick out of it, the company deleted it.

3:14 A.M.

The next time you’re up after 3:00 am, take a look at iGoogle. You’ll notice that at 3:14 AM every morning, something spooky is lingering. If you’re at the beach themed browser, you’ll notice the Loch Ness Monster pop up for 60 seconds. Other good times include UFOs moving in the “City Scape” themed iGoogle browser. It’s believed that the programmers wanted to show some love to Pi, the mathematical, never-ending decimal. For whatever reason, that’s awfully late for a joke…

Trekkies Unite

Fans of Star Trek will love the Easter egg that Google cooked up for the Klingons. The sci-fi alien race has its own Google search engine, complete with the language. In addition to the Star Trek references, Elmer Fudd has earned his way into the mix, as well. All in all, it’s quite an honor, all things considered.

Google Earth in Style

Google Earth is bound to have more cookies and Easter eggs than anyone could imagine, but nothing tops soaring over the landscapes in an F-16 fighter jet. Those that want a more delicate ride can elect to jump into a prop plane. Getting to the flight simulator is simple: open Google Earth and hit CTRL-ALT-A. Strap in and enjoy!

Programmers want to have fun too! After all, they spend countless hours designing and working out kinks in a search engine that we all use daily. Let them have their fun!

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