Easter Bunny Fun

Easter bunny fun

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An Easter Poem

Spring Flowers

Today is Easter, A very special day, It’s the time to go to church, And take some time and pray. The kids will hunt for easter eggs, And have alot of fun, And on this beautiful spring day, We’ll all be out in the sun. But we must remember our Savior, Who is up in […]

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The Bunny Goes Ni, Ni!

Yellow Flower

When I was about 2 years old, my mum recalls, I was so excited to receive my first chocolate Easter Bunny that I insisted that I take it into my cot for my afternoon nap. Living in rural Australia and Easter is normally at the end of summer, start of autumn, you can imagine what […]

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Dinosaur Bunny

Easter Eggs

When my daughter Molly was 5, she loved dinosaurs and knew that dinosaurs hatched from eggs. About a month before Easter in that year, she asked me if the “dinosaur bunny” would be bringing her dinosaur eggs. I told her I didn’t know and we would have to wait and see. The next day the […]

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The First Easter in Arizona


In April of 2009 I got to go to Arizona for Easter because my cousins live there and we were coming to visit them. A day before Easter we all made Easter eggs for fun. The dyes were permanent so the boys took off their shirts and the girls just put dirty shirts on. Lets […]

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Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Well one Easter there was a hunt for these chocolate covered marshmallows and when it was over I had a bunch but another kid was sad because she only had gotten two. So I gave her some of mine.

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Easter’s with Ott’s

Easter Bunny Eggs

Ever since I was little, ( I am now 30 and married) we have always had the same Easter day tradition. My parents, and grandparents started it. We wake up, go to Easter Mass, have a light breakfast, then go to a huge plant nursery that is called, Ott’s Greenhouse, Schwenksville,PA. Ott’s is no ordinary […]

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Easter Milk

Panettone and Easter Milk

I have always gotten the greatest joy out of the creative things in life. I am sure my mother knew that. Oh…. and we were poor so I’m sure the extra things my mom could do without spending money made her feel good, too. So what is so great. It’s all the little pieces glued […]

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Easter in Macedonia

Fluffy Rabbit Basket

Easter here in Macedonia celebrates in a different way. I remember as a little kid on Thursday, my mother made only 3 eggs and in the morning she sang a song for Easter. One day before Easter Saturday is time for painting the eggs. Most are red and some colorful for little children. I was […]

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Simple Easters

Happy Easter Chocolate Eggs

I can remember several Easters from my childhood. Those memories are some of the best and most vivid that I can still recall with small detail. We didn’t have a lot of money, but there was always an Easter basket and a toy and candy. My mom made sure to hide both candy and eggs […]

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Winning the Easter Bunny

Grey Lop Earred Bunny

  As a child, my family and I used to attend an Easter Day brunch every year at a hotel about thirty minutes away. This was a formal event and I remember having to always dress up to go. Each year, aside from the delicious array of food available, there would always be some sort […]

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