Dinosaur Bunny


When my daughter Molly was 5, she loved dinosaurs and knew that dinosaurs hatched from eggs. About a month before Easter in that year, she asked me if the “dinosaur bunny” would be bringing her dinosaur eggs. I told her I didn’t know and we would have to wait and see.

The next day the Oriental Trading catalogue arrived. I browsed through it and found, much to my delight, that they sold plastic dinosaur eggs that contained tiny dinosaurs inside. I quickly ordered a box and when Easter Eve came, I hid them along with the Easter eggs.

When my daughter awoke on Easter morning and went hunting for the Easter Bunny eggs, she was so surprised to find these “strange” eggs along with the ones the Easter Bunny hid. Once she found all the eggs, we sat down and she began opening them. Upon opening the first dinosaur egg, she said to me “I knew the Dinosaur Bunny wouldn’t forget me.”

The following years she wrote notes to the Dinosaur and Easter Bunny with questions ranging from “Do you know each other?” to “Tell me about your families.” Each year both bunnies answered.

This continued until my daughter turned 11 and only stopped when the Dinosaur Bunny retired. Today, my daughter, at 17 still loves the visits from the Easter Bunny but has never forgotten the eggs she received each year from the Dinosaur Bunny.

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