Easter Milk

Submitted by Bonnie

Homemade Panettone

I have always gotten the greatest joy out of the creative things in life. I am sure my mother knew that. Oh…. and we were poor so I’m sure the extra things my mom could do without spending money made her feel good, too. So what is so great. It’s all the little pieces glued together. I was about 11 at the time and my younger brother was 8. My mother saved our milk jugs to make us home made Easter Baskets. The hole she cut in the side opposite the handle had to be cut out just right, because this piece was cut into the bunny ears. Then she had the basic bunny shape and decorated our bunny baskets with cotton, and other things lying around the house. And as if that wasn’t enough, My mom put our bunny baskets on our headboards with a note for each of us. We had a scavenger hunt of sorts. We each had a clue to follow to a toy, and then another note to an outfit. It is a wonderful memory from my childhood. I miss those days!!! Happy Easter!!! Enjoy the moment