Easter Bunny Fun

Easter bunny fun

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Matching Easter Dresses for 3 Sisters

One of my many fond memories of celebrating Easter as a child was also shared with my 2 sisters. My aunt, an exceptional seamstress, hand picked the fabric and pattern and created matching Easter dresses. In addition to the perfectly tailored dress we always received matching white gloves and of course the Easter bonnet or […]

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Once I went to a friend’s farm 8 hours from the city for Easter vacation. It’s a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, farm animals, trees and all things natural. We decided to do an Easter egg hunt so we painted the eggs and my friends parents hid them all around the backyard. We did the […]

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My Easter Bunny

This last year when I was preparing the kitchen for my family reunion, my kids would stare at my cookies and I always tell them to wait for them to bake. Our grandparent’s encourage them to ask only after they were done. Anyways our house where we would spend the weekend celebrating was always clean […]

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I Loved the Easter Bunny

When I was younger, I loved the Easter bunny. The week before Easter I would write up a note about what I wanted from the Easter Bunny and stuck it on my bedroom door. Easter morning, my mom would tell me that she met the Easter bunny and that he hid my present (just like […]

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Southern Easters

I remember Easter quite vividly growing up in Louisiana. As children we were always dressed up in our new clothes. and went to church as a family. After church we had a Easter egg hunt in our huge back yard. One adult always stayed home and hid everything from us while we attended church. It […]

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Easter with The Grandparents

Every year when I was growing up, my parents would drive my sister and I to our grandparent’s house where we would spend the weekend celebrating. On Easter morning we would all go outside and there would be dozens of Easter eggs hidden throughout the yard. There were plastic colored eggs filled with chocolate and […]

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Clever Bunny

When I was about 12 years old I woke up early, a Happy Easter morning. I searched high and low, in the oven, in the fridge, in the dryer, in the washer, and behind our chairs in the living room. I was getting really frustrated; my brothers and my sister had already found their baskets […]

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Easter Sibling Rivalry

I remember one of the very first Easter egg hunts I went on with my older brother. He is 4 years older than me. So, my parents set up a very worthy egg hunt in our living room. There were eggs in our potted plants, behind frames, even in my piano bench. So we were […]

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