Winning the Easter Bunny

Winning the Easter Bunny

  As a child, my family and I used to attend an Easter Day brunch every year at a hotel about thirty minutes away. This was a formal event and I remember having to always dress up to go. Each …[Continue]

Matching Easter Dresses for 3 Sisters

One of my many fond memories of celebrating Easter as a child was also shared with my 2 sisters. My aunt, an exceptional seamstress, hand picked the fabric and pattern and created matching Easter dresses. In addition to the perfectly …[Continue]


Once I went to a friend’s farm 8 hours from the city for Easter vacation. It’s a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, farm animals, trees and all things natural. We decided to do an Easter egg hunt so we painted …[Continue]

My Easter Bunny

This last year when I was preparing the kitchen for my family reunion, my kids would stare at my cookies and I always tell them to wait for them to bake. Our grandparent’s encourage them to ask only after they …[Continue]

I Loved the Easter Bunny

When I was younger, I loved the Easter bunny. The week before Easter I would write up a note about what I wanted from the Easter Bunny and stuck it on my bedroom door. Easter morning, my mom would tell …[Continue]

Southern Easters

I remember Easter quite vividly growing up in Louisiana. As children we were always dressed up in our new clothes. and went to church as a family. After church we had a Easter egg hunt in our huge back yard. …[Continue]

Easter with The Grandparents

Every year when I was growing up, my parents would drive my sister and I to our grandparent’s house where we would spend the weekend celebrating. On Easter morning we would all go outside and there would be dozens of …[Continue]

Clever Bunny

When I was about 12 years old I woke up early, a Happy Easter morning. I searched high and low, in the oven, in the fridge, in the dryer, in the washer, and behind our chairs in the living room. …[Continue]

Easter Sibling Rivalry

I remember one of the very first Easter egg hunts I went on with my older brother. He is 4 years older than me. So, my parents set up a very worthy egg hunt in our living room. There were …[Continue]