Simple Easters

Submitted by Afton

Happy Easter chocolate eggs

I can remember several Easters from my childhood. Those memories are some of the best and most vivid that I can still recall with small detail. We didn’t have a lot of money, but there was always an Easter basket and a toy and candy. My mom made sure to hide both candy and eggs all over the house. One of the most clear Easter memories I have is a year when it was nice enough outside to actually hide things in the backyard. I was probably only three or four but I can remember specific moments of that Easter egg hunt as if I had taken a picture with my mind. Another thing I remember about Easters is the egg hunt at the park. The ground would be covered with candy and kids would have to wait until they blew the whistle before running and gathering as much candy as possible. My father would always take us and make sure we got some of the best candy by shielding it from other children and making sure no one pushed or shoved us out of the way. My mom and I have dyed eggs for every Easter except one – the one that I spend in another state with my fiance’s family. We’ll dye eggs again this year and hopefully many years to come.