The First Easter in Arizona

Submitted by Anna


In April of 2009 I got to go to Arizona for Easter because my cousins live there and we were coming to visit them. A day before Easter we all made Easter eggs for fun. The dyes were permanent so the boys took off their shirts and the girls just put dirty shirts on. Lets just say the taking off of shirts didn’t work for the younger boys, we had to take off their pants! My brother accidentally spilled yellow all over his skin which made him look like Big Bird. We started to call him Yellow boy. Sooner or later we had to wash him. It was like wrestling a slippery pig!!! On Easter morning we were awake by 6:00. We had a race to see who could find their Easter basket first and of course since I was the oldest I was the last to find mine. My cousins found theirs first because they are ages 2 and 5. After we had an hour of finding Easter baskets we decided to hunt for Easter Eggs. Of course we had to hide them outside because they have a big swing-set. We each found 10 but I think it was too easy. The funnest part of the day was “The Candy Dash”. That is where you try to catch the most candy and keep it safe which was hard with people tackling you for more candy. Before you know it, we had to leave and go back home to Utah. It was a very cool Easter!!!