Winning the Easter Bunny

Submitted by Rya


Grey lop-eared rabbitAs a child, my family and I used to attend an Easter Day brunch every year at a hotel about thirty minutes away. This was a formal event and I remember having to always dress up to go. Each year, aside from the delicious array of food available, there would always be some sort of contest going on which was free to enter. You could submit as many entries as you wanted and hope they picked your name. On this Easter, the grand prize was winning an actual Bunny, although in reality it was actually a $50 gift card to a local pet shop. My Mom and I both grabbed a stack of entry cards and immediately began filling them out. We must have submitted at least 50 entries with just my name on them. On the other hand, my older brother, who wasn’t really concerned with the contest, entered only 1 entry to basically please my Mom as she was more excited about the contest than both of us combined. While we slowly filled up on food and participated in the egg hunt they held at the event as well, the Bunny contest became less important. I thought I had a pretty good chance of winning, but was happy with everything else that was going on in the day. Right before we left, they began to roll out the spinner that contained the entries. With each rotation of the spinner, I hoped that my name would land on top and most likely be picked first. When it finally stopped, my family and I looked on in anticipation as the announcer reached his hand into the spinner and pulled out an entry form. I intently stared at the back of the form, my mind trying to “force” the entry card to be my name. The announcer looked around, and called out a name. My parents smiled and cheered, my brother looked surprised, and I could not believe it! Out of all the entries submitted, my 50, and the hundreds of others, my brother with his 1 entry had won! That Easter I learned a valuable lesson. My Mom and I had in a sense cheated by putting all those entries in with my name on them. Although there were no rules, most people would probably have put 2 or 3 in at the most. I learned that it is better to play by the rules and see what happens then to try to cheat the system into picking you as the winner. I also learned that my brother wasn’t a fan of bunnies, as he ended up using the gift card to purchase a hamster. Happy early Easter to all!