Two Dad Crafts for Father’s Day

Two Dad Crafts for Father’s DayThere are numerous ways to let your dad know that you think he is great, but perhaps the most special is by giving him something that you have made yourself. Crafts are a great way to make something truly unique for your Dad on Father’s Day. Best of all, there are lots of different kinds of crafts to fit every crafter’s style, budget and experience. Kids love the idea that they can make what they want for Dad, and Dads love the idea that they have gotten a gift made just for them. Each of the projects listed below would make a great classroom project or would be perfect for an afternoon of crafting fun. Here are some fun to make crafts for Father’s Day-

  • DAD frame-This unique frame will let dad keep an eye on those he loves the most! Dad will be able to display this frame proudly on his desk!

What you will need:

Heavy paper (like oak tag)

3 small photos



Directions for the project: Using large, bubbly letters, write “DAD” on a piece of   heavy paper. It is important to make sure the holes in the “D” and “A” are large  enough to display your photos. Carefully cut out the word “DAD.” Glue the photos onto the back of your frame. You can write the names of the people on the backs of the photos. Cut out two almost-triangular pieces of heavy paper – they should be about the same length as your letters are high. These flaps will be attached to the back of the frame to keep it standing. Fold over the top 1/2-inch of each flap. Glue the almost-triangular pieces of heavy paper to the back of the frame.

  • Pretend Stain Glass-Dad will appreciate your craft skills with this easy to make craft. You’ll encase the flat objects and crayon shavings in waxed paper, iron it, and then hang your masterpiece from a window! Keep in mind that this craft does require adult supervision.

What you will need:

Wax paper


Crayon sharper (or a knife- to make crayon shavings)


Any flat objects (like glitter, dried leaves, stickers, paper scraps, pictures from        magazines, etc.)

An iron

Directions for the project: Cut 2 pieces of waxed paper (the same size). Choose      any size that you want your masterpiece to be. Cut them to be matching shapes.

Collect flat things that you want to encase in the waxed paper. Put one piece of the waxed paper on a flat surface. Arrange the objects on the paper. Add crayon shavings for color accents (these will melt later on). The easiest way to get crayon shavings is by using a crayon sharpener. For the next step, an adult will need to help. Put a few layers of newspaper on your ironing board. Put the waxed paper artwork on top of this. Put the second piece of waxed paper on top of the artwork.  Carefully put a few layer of newspapers on top of the whole thing. Now iron it on    medium heat, checking it frequently to make sure it isn’t burning. Stop ironing when the waxed paper layers are stuck together and the crayon shavings are melted. To help avoid unsealed parts, try to leave a rim of waxed paper around the edges without any fillings. When the artwork has cooled off, trim the edges carefully; using pinking shears on the edges can look nice (don’t trim right near any of the fillings). If there any unsealed parts, you can patch them with some transparent tape. Punch a hole near the top for hanging (or just use tape).

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