Easy to Make Homemade Father’s Day Gifts


Easy to Make Homemade Father’s Day GiftsIf you want to give your Dad a truly special gift, for this Father’s Day you may want to consider making a gift for him. The Dad in your life will love getting a gift that has been made especially for him. You can find a variety of gift ideas that are easy to make, affordable and best of all don’t take expensive materials or experienced crafting skills. Whether you are looking for a classroom Father’s Day project or want to do some crafting with your own kids, each of these projects would well for that. Here are some easy homemade Father’s Day gifts-

  • Daddy’s Caddy-This clover craft turns a coffee or shortening can into a useful tote, for Dad.

What you will need:

Coffee can (or any large can with lid)

Magazines and/or Catalogs

Markers or alphabet stickers

Decoupage medium or diluted glue


Instructions for the project: The first step is to make sure any can you use is clean and dry. Then you will need to go through magazines and catalogs and cut or tear  out pictures of tools or anything else your dad will like. You can also use fancy, printed paper or photo copies of graphics you print off of your computer. Glue the pictures you chose all over the can. Cover the entire can. Use a marker or stickers to write a special message on your caddy, such as ‘Daddy’s Caddy’. Once you have the can looking exactly how you want it, you can seal the design to protect it. To do this, simply use decoupage techniques using either decoupage medium or diluted glue. Let the decoupage dry completely and then your can is done!

  • Golf Ball Dog Craft-You can have this special dog be something, a golf fan can display on a shelf or even use as a paperweight! If the person you are making this gift for does not like golf, you can use small Styrofoam balls that are painted to resemble the balls from their favorite sport such as basketballs, baseballs, or soccer balls.

What you will need:

7 Golf Balls

Craft Foam


Wiggle Eyes


Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Instructions for the project: Glue four of the golf balls together to form a square.   Also glue two golf balls together. Let these all dry. Lay the grouping of four balls on your work surface and then glue the set of two golf balls on top of them. The four golf balls are the dog’s legs, and the two golf balls are the body. Glue the final golf ball on top of one of the body balls. Set aside to dry. While you are waiting for the glue to dry, cut ears and a tail out of craft foam. Glue them in place on the golf balls. Glue on a set of wiggle eyes and also a pom-pom snout and nose. As a finishing touch glue a piece of ribbon around the dog’s neck to look like a collar!

  • Father’s Day Collage-This is an especially easy craft for a young child to be able to do. It can be fun to have your child do one every year for dad, so he can see how the child has matured.

What you will need:

1 piece of construction paper

Old magazines


Glue or glue stick

Instructions for the project: Let the child go through old magazines to find pictures, images and, if he’s old enough, words that remind him of Dad. They can be pictures of things that Dad enjoys doing (jogging, skiing, cooking), or things that remind your child of his father (trees, like the one they climb together, or a bus, like the one Daddy rides to work). Help the child cut out the pictures. When he’s found as many as he wants, help him arrange them in a collage on the construction paper. It can also be fun to add some thoughts, from the child on the back of the paper, about why he or she put certain things on the collage. Encourage your child to present the collage to Dad and explain the meaning of the images.

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