Best Father’s Day Gifts


Best Father’s Day GiftsThe imminent arrival of Father’s Day can bring about a shopping conundrum. It can sometimes be difficult to find things for Dad that he doesn’t already have. Retailers are often not helpful as they put out the same, tired Father’s Day ideas year after year. If you want to get your Dad something really special, it may be time to think out of the box. Remember, dads are people too!  Your dad may have a secret desire, a hobby he wants to indulge or fantasy about trying something new. Your job is to find out what it is and then find a gift to match. Here are some of the best Father’s Day gifts to help you get started-

  • For the Dad who loves to grill-Most Dads are thrilled to be in charge of manning the grill. If your dad lives to get the fire going, you may want to consider getting him a grilling humidifier. They are usually made out of cast iron and filled with water, beer, broth or other liquids that will steam and moisten, whatever is on the grill. You can find them for an affordable price at most cooking supply stores. Dad will be using it and thinking of you, for years to come.
  • For the Dad who is a handyman (or thinks he is)-One of the new multi-tool gadgets should keep him busy for awhile. Most of these tools come with a pliers, wire snips, blade knifes and drivers to hand screws and other gadgets, all in one neat package. The advantage to this kind of tool is that it is small and incredibly light, and it is easy to throw in his pocket, making it that much more likely to be there when he needs it. There are many that come with a storage slot for a second driver bit, and both a belt clip and carabineer to keep it handy.
  • For the Dad, who is an adventurous eater-Most dads are steak-lovers, so they would be thrilled to get the gift of quality meat this Father’s Day. However, for something out of the ordinary, why settle for beef, when you can get bison. There are many online purveyors if there isn’t someone in your area, who offers organic, antibiotic and hormone-free grass-fed meats, including delicious free-range bison. Bison has become a meat lover’s favorite since it tastes like beef, and grills up exceptionally well. Best of all this lets you cater to his love of steak, while still keeping an eye on his health, and his stomach and his doctor will both thank you.
  • For the Dad who doesn’t want to miss the any of the action- No Best Father’s Day Gift list would be complete without a great pair of binoculars. They have many uses, from catching more of the action at sporting events to seeing more of nature in the great outdoors. There are many great binoculars in several different price ranges, so you should be able to find a pair that fits into your gift budget. Remember, that you should consider exactly what Dad will be using them for. This is important since a birdwatcher will need a different pair, then a football fanatic. Whatever pair you decide on, he’ll thank you for being able to see all the action.
  • For the Dad who wants to relax outdoors-Relaxing in a hammock seems to be a part of the American dream, however, its not always practical. In order, to make a hammock work, you once had to have two perfectly spaced trees, a yard and a willingness to constantly be setting up or tearing down the hammock. Today, there is no need to bother with that. There are many hammocks that come complete with a stand. All that Dad (or you) has to do it get it out of the box and snap it together. Then Dad will only need a cool drink and some time alone to enjoy your gift.

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