Father’s Day Crafts for the Classroom

Father's Day Crafts for the Classroom

If you are a teacher or the parent in charge of the Father’s Day craft, each of these craft projects would work well in the classroom. They all are easy to do, require few craft materials and can be done by even the youngest of crafters. Best of all they don’t require a huge amount of adult supervision, so they can work well for a group of kids. When they are finished the kids have a great gift to give their Dad, for Father’s Day. Here are some Father’s Day crafts for the Classroom-

  • Father’s Day Paperweight-Any dad will love having a paperweight that was made just for them. Keep in mind that you can use any design that you want. Encourage the kids to be creative and make the paperweight, applicable to their Dad. It should be noted that an important step is to find the right kind of rock. Smooth, flat, decorative rocks work best. You could take the class on a field trip out in nature to find the perfect stone, for their project. You will want to make sure that the kids also have something to cover their clothes, since acrylic paint does not wash out. You will need to plan plenty of time for the paint to dry. Keep in mind that it may take two or three coats, to get the kind of coverage you need, for the rocks.

What you will need:


Acrylic paints

Fine black marker

Paint brush

Optional:  glitter glue, wiggly eyes…

Directions for the project: Encourage the kids to paint the rocks how they like. They should be creative and keep in mind that it may take a couple of coats to cover the rock but acrylic paint dries pretty fast so it should not be a problem. Once the paint is completely dry, the kids can decorate further with glitter glue, wiggly eyes or whatever else they want. As a final touch have the kids print their Father’s Day message on the rock with a fine black marker.

  • Tree Bark Pencil Holder-This is a surprisingly simple craft that looks great when complete! Encourage the kids to be creative and make the tree how they want it to look.

What you will need:
paper towel roll

Tempura paint (yellow, red, brown and green are good colors for tress)

Paint brush

Sharp pencil

lid (you can use a green one from a peanut butter jar, but a margarine container,     salsa jar or olive jar lid would work too)

Tacky glue or low temp hot glue gun

Optional:  acrylic spray, white glue or glossy mod podge

Instructions for the project: Poke about 6 holes in the paper towel roll with a sharp pencil.  (Poke one on either side at three different levels on the tube).  When you poke the holes, put them in at a bit of an angle so in the end result the pencils don’t fall out and look like the branches of a tree. Paint the tube with yellow paint. (You could use light gray instead) While the paint is still wet, stripe on some red,  brown and green lines up the tube. While everything is still wet, take the paint brush and clean and dry it.  Now stroke the wet paint up the tube all the way around to blend and soften the stripes. Let dry completely. Paint over the whole    project with acrylic spray sealer, white glue or glossy mod podge.  This gives it a nice shiny finish. Using tacky glue or a hot glue gun, attach the paper towel roll to the jar lid to give it a stable base. Push some new pencils into the tree.

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