Fun Father’s Day Crafts

Fun Father’s Day CraftsThere are so many fun ways to show your dad that you appreciate and love him this Father’s Day. Dads especially love gifts that have been made just for them. Making one of these fun crafts can make for a memorable Father’s Day gift that your dad will cherish for years to come. Best of all these projects are easy to make and don’t require any hard to find materials or complicated craft skills. Here are some fun Father’s Day crafts-

  • Barbeque Apron-If your Dad loves to man the grill, he will proudly wear this apron that you made for him.

What you will need:

Plain canvas bib apron (available at craft stores)

Rainbow colored fabric paint

Black fabric paint and brushes

Fabric marker


Instructions for the project: Start by laying out the apron on a well-protected surface, preferably outdoors. It’s also helpful to have rags and two buckets of   water nearby, one for brushes and one for little hands. Use a pencil to trace a message onto the front of the bib such as: #1 Dad! Invite your children to paint over it neatly in black or in a strong primary color. Now it’s time for everyone to join in “hands on” fun: paint your child’s hand with a color of his choice, and    invite him to press it firmly somewhere onto the apron. For this apron project, the more hands the merrier, especially when you use plenty of bright colors. Hands can even overlap a bit, but do allow a few minutes for bottom layers of paint to dry, or you may end up with some unintended muddy colors! Once all paint is completely dry (at least 4-5 hours), you can invite each person to sign the apron next to his or her hand or just leave the hands as is, for everyone to talk about and remember for years to come.

  • Pasta Pencil Holder-Dad will love having this one of kind pencil holder to proudly display on his desk. Best of all this can be a green project, since some of the materials can be recycled. Elementary age school children will find this project lots of fun!

What you will need:

Empty double-quart milk carton, washed and dried


Craft glue or hot glue gun

Pasta in various shapes

Gold metallic spray paint

Instructions for the project: Start by cutting off a half-gallon square milk carton, about 4” from the bottom, so that you have a sturdy cube. The next step is to have the child decorate the four sides of the carton with various shapes of pasta. You can help your child visualize the possibilities by putting out bowls, each with a different shape. On at least one side, start by having your child use pasta shapes (the long tubes work great) to spell D-A-D. Use the craft glue or hot glue gun to fasten each piece down. On the remaining sides, encourage your child to alternate pasta shapes and create designs both on the border of the carton and on its flat sections. When your child has finished, give the project plenty of time to dry. Hot glue tends to harden and dry very quickly, but check the label on your craft glue: you may need several hours. To finish off your child’s masterpiece, take it outdoors to a well-ventilated spot, on top of a protective covering such as a stack of old newspapers. Spray it thoroughly with the gold paint (you may want two coats), and prepare to be delighted. Your child will then be able to present their dad with a one of kind masterpiece they have created.

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