How Father’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Many people around the world celebrate father’s Day. Their celebrations may be different along with the date they choose to acknowledge the day. However the spirit of the holiday is the same and that is to recognize and honor their fathers.

Here are some countries we will review on how they choose to celebrate Father’s Day.

  • Father’s Day in the USA
  • Father’s Day in the UK
  • Father’s Day in Australia
  • Father’s Day in India
  • Fathers day in Ireland


Father’s Day in the USA is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Observing the day people reflect on the role played by fathers building character for children and in the development of the nation. On Father’s Day people honor their father and express gratitude for his love and affection. As Father’s Day tradition people in the U.S. also pay tribute to grandfather, stepfather, foster father, uncle or any other men who are like a father. Father’s Day in the U.S. is observed as a time to take families out to celebrate.


Father’s Day in the UK is celebrated much like it is in the U.S. In the UK the Father’s Day festival is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and therefore the date of the festival is never fixed. People celebrate the occasion by buying gifts and honoring their fathers as well. Several clubs, schools, and other societies in the UK organize Father’s Day parties to help provide people with an opportunity to celebrate the day.


Father’s Day in Australia is most noticeable for its unique time of the celebration. Unlike the US and other countries where Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. Again the date of Father’s Day is never fixed. The celebration of Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated similar to the UK and the US. Giving fathers gifts, and doing family activities and parties.


Father’s Day in India is a new fairly new celebration in India. The idea of celebrating Father’s Day has been imported from western countries mainly the US. However it is remarkable to not that the idea of observing a day in honor of fathers has been appreciated by the Indians to a large extent. Millions of people in India observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. Father’s Day celebrations in India take place in the same way as the UK and US though in a limited way. There are many cultural programs on Father’s Day. The idea behind the programs is to inspire children to pay respect to their father and take care of them. Fathers are also encouraged to spend quality time with their children.


Father’s Day in Ireland also takes place on the third Sunday of June. Taking full opportunity of the day, people honor their father and give a gift just as many other countries do. Ireland also has cultural organizations who organize Father’s Day programs to stress on the important role played by the father in the development of the child. An effort is also made to make fathers realize that they must make all efforts to fulfill with devotion and sincerity their responsibilities as a father.


As you can see many countries celebrate Father’s Day on the same day. Some countries still do not acknowledge Father’s Day. But although not all do, it seems that the countries that do celebrate seem to have the same celebration for their fathers. They give gifts, and do numerous activities with them. Some cultures have even made it a learning program for fathers themselves.