About Father's Day

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How to Spell Father’s Day

The spelling of Father’s Day has always had some controversy. Some believe it should be spelled Fathers’ Day having the apostrophe after the letter s instead of before. In order to understand the spelling of Father’s Day you must first …[Continue]

How Father’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Many people around the world celebrate father’s Day. Their celebrations may be different along with the date they choose to acknowledge the day. However the spirit of the holiday is the same and that is to recognize and honor their …[Continue]

Father’s Day Around the World

Many people recognize Father’s Day as being celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Although this is true and is recognized for many countries. Not every country celebrates the same day. In fact some countries do not celebrate Father’s Day …[Continue]

A History of Father’s Day

Father’s day like most holidays is about buying gifts or going out to celebrate the fathers in our lives. Many people believe that this holiday was invented by card and gift manufacturers to sell more products. This is not true …[Continue]

The History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day has become a recognized holiday in celebrating fathers. But to understand fathers day lets review some of the history of how Father’s day became an official holiday. To begin, Father’s day became a holiday in the early twentieth …[Continue]

When is Father’s Day?

A celebration of fathers and men’s contributions to parenthood, the history of Father’s Day doesn’t reach as far back as that of its counterpart, Mother’s Day, though the country’s embracing the latter helped the former get the recognition it richly …[Continue]