Emperor’s Revenge

The Terrans with their United Fleet have laid waste to the Katuri home world. Gather our remaining Katuri forces, push back the Terran defilers, and take revenge by destroying their home world…the Earth! Instructions are below the game.

Emperor’s Revenge Instructions

Thrust forward
Turn left
Turn right
A key
Fire weapon.
Hold down for auto-fire.
Use the A key as alternate if your keyboard screws up when holding down the spacebar, up and left keys simultaneously.
1 key Use standard weapon
Use beam weapon when available
Use bolt weapon when available
4 key Use rocket weapon when available
F2 key Restart game
Toggle sound on / off
M key Toggle music on / off
Pause game

The objectives for each mission are displayed at the start of each mission. If your player ship is destroyed or you fail to meet the mission objectives then the game ends. The damage bar at the top right of the screen shows the current damage level of your ship.

Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate and aim your ship. Use the up and down arrow keys to move your ship forward and backward. Press the spacebar or the A key to shoot. Hold the spacebar down for auto-fire.

Use your ship to protect your computer controlled support ships as appropriate.

Powerups are periodically made available when an enemy ship is destroyed by you. Powerups are not awarded when your support ships destroy an enemy ship. Run your spaceship over a powerup to pick it up. The shield boost and double fire powerups take effect immediately. Pick up a beam, bolt and rocket
powerup to add 20 units of that weapon to your available inventory.

Use the 1, 2, 3 or 4 keys to select which weapon to use. The standard weapon (1 key) is unlimited use. The beam, bolt and rocket weapons are limited use. The available inventory of each weapon is displayed on the lower left corner of the screen.

All ships have a hull rating. Most ships are also equipped with shields. Damage is first inflicted on the shields. Once the shields are down damage is then inflicted on the hull. When the hull is knocked out the ship is destroyed. At the end of each mission all remaining ships are auto-repaired which provides up to a 50 % repair in both shields and hull.

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