Alien Growth

Ick! This body is under attack by some weird mutant dividing cells. Your job is to destroy the cells before they destroy you or take over the body. You can only destroy the cells while they are dividing. Use the arrow keys to navigate. Good luck!

Alien Growth Instructions:Your mission is to destroy a colony of alien cells that has invaded the body. You control your microscopic ship using the arrow keys. If you contact the cells while they are dividing, they are destroyed. If you contact them at any other time, they destroy you. You use up energy by killing cells and by moving your ship, and running out of energy will cost you a life. Replenish your energy by collecting nutrients. At the end of each level, you can get a bonus for leftover energy and for speed. If you don’t finish the level before the speed bonus runs out, the cells will start to divide faster and will eventually fill up the screen and cost you a life. After a few levels, blob cells will emerge from the colony to hunt you down. The blobs can be evaded if you learn how they behave. At higher levels, you will find larger and faster-growing colonies, and faster blobs.

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