Anne Frank Print-n-Play Crossword

by Barbara J. FeldmanChallenge your knowledge of history in this printable Anne Frank crossword.

Anne Frank Printable Crossword


1. Murder of over 6 million European Jews by the Nazis during World War II
3. Woman who helped hide Anne and her family in Amsterdam
5. Teenage girl who kept a diary during the Holocaust
6. Hid the entry to the secret annex
9. Journal that Anne kept
11. Anne Franks age when she died of typhus
12. Most who perished in the Holocaust were of this religion


1. Anne Frank and her family were ________ in a secret annex
2. Anne Franks age when she began keeping a diary
3. Anne’s older sister
4. Home to seven residents for two years
5. City where Anne Frank was hiding during the Holocaust
7. Anne Franks mother
8. Anne’s father who survived the Holocaust

Interactive Version of this Game

Anne Frank Crossword Answer Key

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