Atomic Babe Dress Up

Let’s give this ‘Go Girl’ a go-’round in the stylist realm. Let’s start with her hair. Will you go with a funky pink fro or boycut bob? An elegant up-do something punkier perhaps. Move on to her top. Ultra casual in a bandana t-shirt or maybe an awesome evening gown won’t hurt. Bottoms calls for bare legs or bellbottoms with roller skates. To the footwear we go. Tennies or cowboy boots, heels or sandals, she’s cool. Whether you give her earmuffs or a ball cap, a beret or leave her head bare, she doesn’t care. Give her fun belly jewelry or bracelets perhaps. Mittens or a scarf. Finish her look off with a jacket or not. So many choices, so much time. With your imagination and creativity the options are endless and so is the fun!

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