Back to School Dress Up

It’s that time of year again! Time to go back to school. Like everybody, this pretty girl needs a new wardrobe and a new ‘do and, well, a whole new look! Can you help her out? Give her a flipped blond bob or a sleek, classic firey red bob, an electric blue bun or perhaps long, flowing locks is the look she wants. Once you’ve chosen a great ‘do, let’s get her in a cute outfit. A denim mini or short shorts in hot pink, a green flirty skirt, a pair of black and white cut off jean shorts, perhaps a bright red A-line skirt or white ruffled skirt. Pick a fun tube top, a sailor shirt or a pretty purple cut out tank top. Or perhaps a belted, sleeveless purple top would be just what she’s looking for. Grab great socks in a funky pattern. Stars, stripes or blue bubbles or maybe a small, simple flower on white knee socks is more her thing. Finish her look with funky Mary Janes, sporty shoes or comfy slip ons. Grab a pretty pocketbook and finally grab a book, a folder or maybe an organizer.Have a sensational time playing Back to School Dress Up!

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