Beat the Banker

Have you ever heard of Deal or No Deal? This game is just like it! If you’re not, no worries. You’ve got to pick a case. Maybe your favorite number or your birth date. That’s your case. Now you’ve got to pick the 6 cases. Once you’ve picked all 6, the banker’s going to give you an offer. Will you accept the money and quit the game or will you try your luck and continue? Be adventurous and pick 5 more cases. The banker’s calling again. Will you accept his latest offer or continue on? There are 14 cases left. You’ve got to pick 4. OK, now that you’ve picked 4 more, how’d you do? Have you got big dollar amounts left? Do you feel lucky? Will you keep going and see if you can win the $1 million dollars. Have a blast playing Beat the Banker!

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