Imagine you play as the lovable and optimistic robot, Bit. You must make your way through the perilous, challenging, robot-killing levels of a human-less planet. Luckily, Bit is programmed to upload special blocks into the world around it! Platform too high? Psh! Place a moving block to carry you! Alien Lasers giving you trouble? Puh-lease! Drop a crystal block to protect you! This may all sound easy, but you have 35 levels that get tougher as you go! Use your W, A, S and D keys or your arrows to move Bit, Up arrow or W to jump and the jump key held longer to make Bit jump higher. – When you have Blocks available, click the screen or press Space to enter Block Mode. Click to place the currently selected Block. Click the exit Block mode button or press Space to exit Block Mode.- When you have multiple Blocks, click the arrows beside the currently selected Block or press Q/E to scroll through them.- If you get stuck, press Esc to self-destruct Bit. Don’t worry, Bit re-uploads itself, so you can retry the level!- Hit Down or S to activate a Goal Block and complete a level! Have a blast playing Blockhopper!

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