Blood Vampire Dress Up

Are you into the Twilight saga? Do you like vampires? Then this cool game just might be for you. This beautiful girl is indeed a vampire. Let’s get her dressed head to toe, and ready for a night of fun and excitement! Do you like her better with straight tresses, random curls or a feathered look ala Farrah Fawcett? The shape of an eyebrow can say everything about a person or their intentions. Do you want to give this girl a menacing look with a furled brow, an innocent look with a simple arch or the classic “she’s up to something” look with a severe arch? Next paint her eyes boldly or do something simple. Maybe you’ll give her a masked look. Then give her cheeks some color. Give her lips pretty color or give her vampire teeth. Choose awesome earrings and a funky necklace then decide how much of a tan you want her to have. Put her in palazzo pants, a mock turtleneck shirt and a long coat, a funky shorts jump suit or sassy tank top and a micro-mini skirt. Put great gloves on her hands then give the girl some funky hosiery and fabulous footwear. You’ve got her dressed up and ready to wreck havoc! Nice job. You’re gonna have hours of delicious fun when you play Blood Vampire Dress Up!

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