Bomboozle 2

A sequel to the immensely popular Bomboozle, this fun game features a frantic step up on every level! Click on like-coloured blobs in groups of three or more to earn maximum points! Use the black bombs to destroy lots of blobs and get tons of points! But beware..if you run out of groups of blobs to destroy, game’s over! there are 3 fun modes for your gaming pleasure. Casual mode allows you to keep playing until you run out of groups of 3 or more blobs to destroy. 3 Minute mode allows you to do as much damage as you can in 3 minutes and in 100 Move mode you make moves and the game’s over. You you destroy color blobs, you fill up the pots at the bottom. When you get each pot to 100 you can use the power to flip the board and destroy all the skulls, among other thing. Have a terrific time playing Bomboozle 2!

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