Chicken Shawarma

It’s time to make a yummy chicken dish. Add onion, yogurt and spices, lemon juice, hot sauce and vinegar to chicken then add additional spices and herbs then mix with the spatula. Next put the saute pan on the stove and turn it on. Add olive oil and chicken mixture. Stir it as it fries. Next, turn off the stove and add cucumbers, other veggies and spices to the food processor then cover and blend. Pour the sauce you just made into a bowl. Make your wraps. Lay down a pita bread and spread the sauce on it. Then add meat mixture, onions and sprouts, too. Open the oven door and place the wrap so you can bake it. Make 2 more wraps then back them all. Remove them from the oven and enjoy! You should be so proud of yourself because you did a great job making Chicken Shawarma!

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