Cooking Steak Tacos

If you’re ready for a fun kitchen adventure, let’s get started. Turn on the stove, put the pan on it and add oil. Add the veggies and some chili and the onions. Stir with the spatula then put your fried veggies in a bowl and set aside. Next cook up the steak and set the pan aside. Next put the steak in the pan on the stove and add the veggies in along with some salt, some water and a little bit of olive oil. Add the ginger and stir. Put the whole mixture aside in the pan and turn off the stove. Next, start with flour and make the dough. Place your dough on the tortilla maker and roll it out. Fry up the tortilla, turn off the stove, add your steak and veggie mixture, fold the tortilla over and enjoy! Have a terrific time Cooking Steak Tacos!

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