Crush the Castle 2

Like Crush the Castle, only with cooler backgrounds and sounds..oh yes, and more weaponry. Bigger, better constructed castles with the royal enemies in stranger, no doubt safer, places. Start out with one log then progress to 3. Then move on to a stone…and then a little bit more rock power….with 3 stones! Once you’ve taken out the enemy castles with stones, you get to graduate to an iron shell. Castles destroyed, let’s move on to bombs….can you get just the right angle to throw at so it goes where you aim it? Now you get triple fire power with 3 bombs at a time! Conquer new castles with bombs you loft and parachute in and timed bombs….there’s a whole arsenal for your destructive pleasure! Use your awesome skills and the great tools you’re given to conquer new lands. Lots of cool fun when you play Crush the Castle 2!

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