Dinosaur Printable Crossword

by Adrian Hoad-ReddickTest your knowledge of dinosaurs and the Disney movie “Dinosaur” in this printable crossword challenge.


2. the last period of the Mesozoic era, which saw the first flowering plants and the extinction of dinosaurs
6. one who studies the geological past
8. Eema, in the movie Dinosaur, was this species
9. animals native to Madagascar that raised the young dinosaur in the Disney movie
12. plant-eating three-horned dinosaur
13. _______ means "Fearfully great lizard"
16. smaller species of dinosaur – Url was one
17. the old gal Baylene is this species of dinosaur
19. all dinosaurs hatched from one of these
20. part of the foot on which most dinosaurs walked
21. what most dinosaurs ate


1. writers, artists and movie-makers can only speculate about this physical attribute of dinosaurs
3. a change in this may have led to the extinction of the dinosaur
4. remains or traces of past life, such as bones or shells
5. the largest, most complete and best preserved specimen of this dinosaur species is named "Sue" ( 2 words)
6. flying reptiles wrongly labelled as dinosaurs
7. the large predators in "Dinosaur"
10. the impact of one of these may have led to the demise of the dinosaurs
11. another term for ‘endothermic’ – scientists debate whether dinosaurs were this (2 words)
14. Aladar, Kron, and Nera are this species of dinosaur
15. the hero of Disney’s "Dinosaur"
17. these probably evolved from dinosaurs
18. part of the T-Rex used for balance (and a lethal weapon)

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