Dog Trainer Dress Up

This pretty girl is a gifted dog trainer without much fashion sense. That’s where you come in. She needs your help to pull a great, fun look together. Maybe she’s got a date after her training session so a strapless dress is fun and flirty or perhaps a sparkling sleeveless navy blue number with red trim is more your thing. Then again, maybe she’s looking at casual shorts or a mini-skirt paired with a pretty purple chiffon top or simple green tank or tan t-shirt. Whichever clothing you choose, she’ll look great! Pick fabulous footwear then on to her hair and face. Put her hair in a playful ponytail, comb it into a beautiful bob or maybe Pippy Longstocking pig tails are more her style. Do you want to give her an accessory for her hair or maybe a pretty necklace and earrings? Next dress the dog and grab dog toys. You’re ready for some training. Have a dog-gone good time when you play Dog Trainer Dress Up!

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