Dress Up Shop Autumn Collection

Your boutique is where chic women go to get the latest clothes and accessories. You are known for giving exceptional customer service and working very quickly. You also grab the right things for the right person every time. Or nearly every time. Click on the person to get their order then click on the item and pick a color for it then click on the person and the item in the oval to “deliver” it to them. When they are in front of the register click on them to cash them out. To save yourself time, click on every customer so you know what they want and it what color then you can grab up to 3 garments at one time. Sometimes they will want more than one item and watch the hearts. If they run out of hearts, they disappear! Can you make your daily money goals and level up? How far can you get? Have an awesome time helping your customers with the Dress UP Shop Autumn Collection!

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