Emma Watson’s Spells Dress Up

Actress, and Harry Potter goddess, Emma Watson needs a new stylist and she’s giving you a try for a week. 1st, you’ve got to put together a classic look for a movie premier. It needs to be smashing for the red carpet and comfy so she can sit through the screening and then hit the after parties. She’d be ravishing in a red, empire waist dress with a bow front, terrific in teal blue or maybe you’ll give her an edgier look and put her in a black leather dress. Whichever dress you choose, she’ll rock it! Put her in funky black platform sandals or maybe gold ones. Once you’ve got the outfit, give the girl a great ‘do and a new hue, too! Finish her makeover and she’s ready for an evening on the town. You’ve also got to plan her outfit for tomorrow as she’ll take it with her. Funky jeans or carefree capris paired with a white top or maybe black. Complete her look with super cute shoes and she’s ready to go. You’ll have a sensational time playing Emma Watson’s Spells Dress Up!

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