Doesn’t everybody love a giant stack of flapjacks? In this tasty game you have to move the flapjacks around to make the stacks stay short. Get 3 flapjacks of the same color in a row to make them disappear. Maybe they should have called it short stack? I don’t know, but you have to move fast to keep these tasty treats from piling up and reaching the top! How fast can you stack flap jacks?

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the selector. Hit the space bar to pick up a pancake, and hit the space bar again to drop it. When you make a vertical group of three pancakes of one color, you earn 50 points. If you make several groups in a row, the second group counts double, the third counts triple, and so on. Any move that doesn’t form a group loses five points. Maximize your score by using as few moves as possible to prepare several groups of two, which can then be completed one after the other.The score for each group is multiplied by an additional factor for each topping that it contains. There are five levels and a maximum of five kinds of toppings. New pancakes are added at an increasing rate, and the game ends when a stack reaches the top.

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