Flash Solitaire

Is the deck stacked in your favor? Only one way to find out for sure! Play this version of the classic Solitaire game. Lots of skill and just a touch of luck is all takes to win this game! Have fun!

How to Play:Flash Solitaire plays like a typical game of solitaire, also called patience or klondike. You must move cards around and try to get them all onto the four piles at the top. You can place cards in the stacks at the bottom of the screen, so long as they are alternating colors and descending numbers. For example, a black five will go on to a red six. The piles on the top accept cards of the same suit, in ascending order. For example, a 4 of clubs will go on a 3 of clubs. You start by placing aces in the top four piles. The deck to the left can be clicked on to deal 3 cards. You can take this third card and use it on the stack or the piles. If a stack is empty, you can move a king there. You can move a single card or a stack of cards in the stacks, but only a single card at a time onto the piles.Besides playing like a normal game of solitaire, Flash Solitaire has some special features. You pay 52 points to start a game. You get 5 points for every card placed on the piles at the top. You can only go through the deck of cards three times. Pressing “New Game” will keep your current score and allow you to accumulate more points in a fresh deal. “Restart” will rest your score.

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