French Connection Dress Up

Imagine you’re an up-and-coming stylist. You know fashion, you can put together a great look. However, you’re new to New York so you lack clients and ‘people in the know’, as it were. Well, today’s your lucky day because the stylist who was supposed to do this fabulous fall fashion photo shoot is sick so you’re the stand in. Make this shoot a high fashion success and you just might rocket to fame and be the newest, coolest stylist to the stars! Our model will look great in any one of eight dresses, whether it be a bright, striped mini-dress, a bold black mini with a single shoulder of chiffon flowers, a flower dress with tiny capped sleeves or maybe a swirly pink tank dress. A spaghetti strapped tank top or a sassy t-shirt paired with a flirty mini-skirt or Capri jeans would look great for the next scene. Pair your outfits of choice with great shoes, awesome jewelry, hosiery if you like and give her a great bag! Finish it off with fabulous hair and she’s ready for her close up. You’ll have a fantastic time putting fabulous fashion creations together when you play French Connection Dress Up!

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