Genome Project

Are you ready to make some DNA? Flip the genes around in this challenging puzzle game until both sides of the puzzle match. Levels get more difficult as you progress. Have fun!

Genome Project Instructions:Flip the genes until the left and right arms match. Bands of color indicate which portions match.To flip a section, first select it by dragging the mouse over it, or by clicking once at each end of the desired selection. Then click on the selected section or click the Flip button.If your selection overlaps both the top and bottom arms, the mouse will only let you select equal portions of each.Click the “Undo” or “Redo” button if you change your mind. The game supports multiple Undos. At any time the most recently flipped section is shaded brown.You can click or drag on empty space to deselect the current selection. If you then roll the mouse over the Redo button, the last flip that you Undid will be automatically selected.There are 30 levels, with progressively longer chromosomes. To move up or down by 10 levels, hold down Shift while clicking the Level Up or Level Down button. The “par” for each level is the number of flips that it took to generate the puzzle. The game keeps track of your personal best result for each level.

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