Nina the Horse Jockey Dress Up

This pretty lady, Nina, is a rarity in the horse racing world. She’s a jockey. Let’s get her all gussied up and ready for her day, shall we? Every great look starts with great hair so let’s give her a great new ‘do. Choose a short, edgy cut or perhaps a beautiful bob. Maybe you’re all about shaggy bangs with some bounce in front? Give her a great tan and let’s get her dressed. Will you choose black and white checkered flag inspired garb or something in black and white diagonal stripes? Is today an off day? If so, then perhaps a casual t-shirt paired with short white shorts or a keyhole tank top or blouse paired with casual capris would be perfect. If she’s riding today, let’s give her sassy shades, a styling riding helmet and fashionable gloves. Choose fabulous footwear and a riding crop. She’s ready to go. Now we must color her horse and choose a harness. Now she’s ready to ride her gorgeous horse. You’re gonna have great girly fun when you play Nina the Horse Jockey Dress Up!

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