Halloween Printable Crossword

by Barbara J. FeldmanThis printable crossword is all about Halloween.

Halloween Printable Crossword


1. Wicked _____ of the west
5. Trick or ______
6. Large orange squash
8. Wear white sheets
9. Flying mammals or wooden sticks used in popular American sport
12. Witch’s hot pot
13. Needed for trick or treating
15. Ghosts
16. Disgusting
17. Sweet


2. A home for ghosts and spirits
3. A scare
4. October 31
7. Ate lunch with Little Miss Muffet
8. Creature that does evil
9. Furry pet with a dark coat
10. Why didn’t he cross the road? Because he had no guts!
11. A type of bat or a dead person come back to life
14. Frightful

Interactive Version of this Game

Halloween Crossword Answer Key

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