Holiday Couple Dress Up

This cute couple is on holiday and there’s no better place for holidays than the beach! Let’s dress them up so they can enjoy some fun together in the sun. Will you let her look be windswept or is a loose ponytail more your style? Once you’ve chosen a hairstyle, which bikini do you want her to rock? She’ll be beautiful in an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot string bikini, bold in a sparkling black number or colorfully classic in a rainbow hued bikini. Some sensational shades and a great necklace complete her look. Then move on to the guy half of this duo. Give him a great hair cut, maybe the surfer dude look. Or perhaps he’ll rock the red locks. With great new hair, let’s move on to swim trunks. Would you like him bold in blue swim shorts, back in fitted black swim shorts or way cool in a khaki stripe? Their looks complete, color their beach umbrella and their chaises. You’ll have a crazy cool time with Holiday Couple Dress Up!

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