Hordes and Lords

Ready for a medieval battle game that offers lots of challenges and many, many levels? Arm your brigades then click to place them and click the Fight button in the upper right corner. Click on the group and drag the arrow to move them where you want them to go. Take out your enemies on each level to move to the next. Use the gold you earn on each level to upgrade your armor and weaponry. You can use keyboard keys 1-8 to select squad, if you like. Your squad will become bigger in each level. If your squad is dead, it will get only 1/4 of experience points. If you cannot complete a level, try to re-play the previous level to get money for upgrades. If you are re-playing a level that you have won already, you will get no experience for your soldiers. You get a gold medal if all of your people are alive at the end of a level battle. Have some awesome fun playing Hordes and Lords!

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