Jennifer Rose: Babysitter in Love 2

Jenny Rose is working as a babysitter again. Her day care center is outside now. Help Jenny take care of the kids. Get them what they want or need. Warm up water and juice before you give it to the baby. Plan your time well so you can do more than 1 thing at a time. While she is caring for the children, Jennifer’s boyfriend shows up. She must flirt with him to make him happy or she will lose a life. Improve your speed, money and abilities, among other things, with the money you make each day. Can you make enough money each day to move to the next day? There are 12 days and each one has an added challenge, more children more things to do or less patience with everybody. If you are ready for some fast-paced fun, have a blast playing Jennifer Rose: Babysitter in Love 2!

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