Jennifer Rose: Cat Grooming

Jennifer Rose works at the Cat Grooming Studio and your task is to help her with this job. Help her care for the cats. To bring food, milk or toys to the cats, click on the item then the cat. To put a cat in the litter box, in the basket for a nap, on the scratching tree or in the grooming station, click on the cat then on the place where you want to put them. If the litter box gets too dirty, you will need to clean it. Clean the dirty food and milk bowls, too. When Jennifer’s boyfriend comes to visit, she needs to flirt with him. If he leaves without getting her full attention, you lose a life. The games ends when you lose all 5 lives or after 11 successful days of cat sitting. Buy upgrades with the money you earn. Cuddle and play with the cats and keep the happy. You’ll have a great time playing Jennifer Rose: Cat Grooming!

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