Jennifer Rose: Restaurant Love 2

Jennifer Rose is a waitress working in the hottest new restaurant in town! When clients come in, they order food and drinks then they leave tips and leave. Jennifer has to take their orders, serve them, clean the tables and collect tips. She’s got to earn a certain amount in each of 11 days to move to the next day. She must also seat her boyfriend and flirt with him for life energy. Don’t let her neglect her boyfriend! But be aware of the chef and barman, as they always stare at Jennifer. If she gets caught flirting with her boyfriend, she loses one life! If her boyfriend leaves the restaurant without attention she also loses one life! Drag and drop guests to free tables then click on them to take their orders. Click on their food and then on the table to take their orders to them. Take tips and clean tables. Buy upgrades to increase visitor patience and tips and make the boyfriend easier to please. If you’re ready for a fun challenge, take on Jennifer Rose: Restaurant Love 2!

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