Knight and Squire

You are the knight and you are traveling with your trusty squire. Your mission is to clear every item from the game board as you make your way to the most important objects. Choose carefully the direction you will head, because you can only change directions when you land on an object and once you land on an object it is no longer there. Good luck!

Knight and Squire Instructions:The object of the game is to land on every object on the board. All objects that you touch behave exactly the same, and you don’t beat a level until you’ve cleared all of the pieces. You can only move vertically or horizontally, and you can change directions when you land on an object, but not the direction you just came from. Once you have passed over an object, it is no longer there for you to land on. There can be many ways to solve one board, but to get the maximum number of points you must solve the puzzle in the correct order. Pick up the key (100 points) before trying to open the treasure chest (200 points), grab the sword (100 points) before trying to kill the dragon (200 points) or goblins (200 points), and kill the dragon before rescuing the damsel (200 points). If you don’t follow the right order, you only get 10 points for each special object, which is the same as a round stone (the normal game piece).

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