Lavender Girl Dress Up

This lovely girl loves lavender. Every shade of light purple, or lavender, is in her wardrobe. She’s got to get ready for a party tonight so let’s get her dolled up, head to toe! Pick a cute cut be it a chic bob, a light shag or perhaps corkscrew curls are just her thing. Next give her a great tan. Go as pale or as dark as you like. Pick out a pretty sundress or maybe a strapless mini-dress is more her style. Then again, maybe she’s all about a slightly more casual look with a strappy tank top or a stylish top. Maybe a bra top with a mesh inset’s just the right mix of pretty and edgy! Put her in pretty purple jeans or a sassy mini-skirt. Grab heels or flats, or something a little funky, for her feet then add accessories and she’s ready for her party. Have a great time with Lavender Girl Dress Up!

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