Meal Masters II

You’re the chef so let’s have you come in the kitchen and help with a 4 course meal! Let’s start with an orange smoothie. Cut up oranges and put them into the smoothie machine. Pour yourself a smoothie and it’s on to the appetizer. We’re making super stuffed potatoes. Divide 2 potatoes the long way and scoop out the middles. Mix it with ham and cheese and then spoon this mixture into the hollowed out potatoes, back ’em and you’ve got tasty potatoes. Now on to making chicken and noodles for an entree. Cut up the veggies and add them into the pot. Do the same with the noodles and the chicken. Put the entree on the table and move on to chocolatey brownies for dessert! You’ve made a 4 course meal so dig in! Great job completing Meal Masters II!

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