Miley Cyrus Changing Room Dress Up

Let’s get Miley ready to rock the red carpet or turn this town upside down! She’ll light the room in a little black dress, be chic in a drop waist green number, be positively radiant in purple ruffles or gorgeous in a gold mini dress. If a dressed up casual look is more your vision for her, put her in a warm bronze top and leather pants or a shimmery silver tank top paired with skinny jeans. You could also pair a ruffled mini skirt and sparkling dressy tank for an upscale casual look. Pair a delicate necklace with drop earrings and fun chunky bracelets then give her a makeover. Choose an up do, a straight, sleek look or perhaps waves ala Farrah Fawcett. Color her eyes, color her lids and give her great lashes. Finally, flush her cheeks with a pretty blush then give her smile some color. She’s ready to rock and roll when you try your hand at Miley Cyrus Changing Room Dress Up!

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