Mirror Mirror Dress Up

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Is this gorgeous girl a modern day Snow White as she tries on outfits trying to find the perfect one? Won’t you help her put together a cute look or two? Grab a great top, maybe a tank top, a pretty blouse and blazer, an orange criss cross tank top or even a dressy top. Then get some great bottoms. A short, flirty blue and white skirt, a pencil skirt in a daring animal print or maybe she’ll be cool in casual capris.Complete her look with rockin’ red heels, hot white strappy pumps or perhaps high heeled summery slides or some great boots are more her taste. Finish off her fabulous look with a fabu new ‘do and some sparkly jewelry. If she’s feelin’ fancy, put her in some darlin’ dresses, too! Massive amounts of fabulous fun are yours when you play Mirror, Mirror Dress Up!

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