This not-so-little monster has invaded the city and he’s intent on destroying everything in his path! Cars, the city’s army, tall buildings. None are safe. Use your arrow keys to move and your up key to stomp on, and destroy, things. Your A key lets you punch, S key lets you kick and D key allows you to flick your tail….there are 11 levels to get through. When the plane drops bombs, you’ll crouch down and be safe using the down arrow. Try to destroy everything quickly to earn the time bonus. If the little green guys, on foot or in tanks, start shooting at you, stomp on them! They can destroy you. If you see little red nuts on the road, pick those up as they are energy. If you use up all of your lives, the game’s over. As you progress through the levels, the buildings and the armies get bigger and the cars get faster. You ready for the challenge? Have a monster good time playing Mocil!

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