My Word!

My Word! is a unique word game. From start to finish, from how it looks with its sleek 3D board to how you play it, you’ve got options! The unique 3D board allows you to look ahead at upcoming letters so that, in theory, you can be formulating words ahead of time. The only stipulation for your words is they must be found in the game’s vast 150,000 word dictionary. You can play in casual mode, with no pressure. It’s just, well, casual. Or, if you’re up for more of a challenge, you can play in Panic! mode where you’ve got to create a word before time runs out! Then again, you could play 5 Minutes where you create as many words as you can in, you guessed it, 5 minutes! Finally, there’s 50 Word mode. How many points can you rack up with just 50 words? My Word! is a cute word game that combines fun and learning (gasp!) for a great experience whether you go casual or choose the challenge of your liking. Think ahead to score maximum points and remember non-words get points deducted! Have a wonderful time with My Word!

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