Operation Elephant

Your comrades have been captured in the infamous Elephant Prison! Drop in your team of elephant commandos to crush the enemy. You have five objectives to destroy before you can save your friends. Do you have what it takes? Launch the airplane and drop the elephant commandos onto the enemies below. Hit the barrels and TNT to help propel them forward. Each enemy you destroy grants you points and money to purchase upgrades. Upgrades include head gear, uniforms, brute force, mind control and much more. Upgrade your plane to soar higher and faster or upgrade your elephants to fool the enemy, bounce higher or bash through the enemy forces with ease. Destroy all five objectives and free the captives from the Elephant Prison! Use the mouse to navigate, launch airplane and drop/explode elephants. Use your arrows or W, A, S and D to control elephants. Hours of outrageous fun await when you take on Operation Elephant!

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